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Inbound Helpdesk

Need something from the Inbound department but not sure about the details? This tool will help guide you.


This is by no means complete or perfect, but should provide some clarity for both PM’s and resources to ensure work is completed quickly and efficiently.


When in doubt: ask the Inbound Director.

How to Use

1) Search for a keyword associated with the task you’re trying to create.

For example, if we need to get some ads up on Facebook, click the magnifying glass and type Facebook to start searching.


2) Find the task or tactic that looks closest to the objective needing to be met, and use the information provided to create the task.


If you can’t find the perfect fit for the objective at hand, please:

A) Use the hour estimates from the task you feel is closest to create the task, but include a note about your uncertainty


B) Ask the Inbound Director for clarification before assigning the task

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to the Requirements field, as we’ll be unable to complete any work without those requirements being provided.

Tasks that are assigned with without requirements or sufficient information will be moved to “Blocker” status and put on hold until the Project Manager updates accordingly.


Complexity Scale: This number (out of 10) indicates how much more effort will go into a task depending on how complex the brand, website or objective is (usually on a per-client or per-project basis). As a general rule of thumb, more pages on the website = a higher estimated number of hours.


For example, K&B Molded Products has far fewer pages and would require far less work than GRAMMY Museum. For a task with a high complexity scale assigned, such as 10 for creating a sitemap, it would be best to assign the minimum hour estimate for K&B vs. the maximum for Grammy Museum.


*Note that most of these are only requirements for new client projects*


Ad Account Access – Login credentials for an ad account not managed by Wilderness
Brand Domain – The URL of the website we’re doing the work on (only needed for new client projects)
Brand Social Channels – List of all the social media channels associated with the brand
Budget – The confirmed budget to be used for a new PPC campaign. If the cost is meant to be part of an established monthly spend, please note it in the task
Domain Access – Login credentials, specifically for websites that were not created by Wilderness
Email Platform Access – Login credentials for the brand’s email service, if not managed by Wilderness
Google Analytics – If using an existing/external account, this must be provided by the client
Landing Page – The URL(s) that any new ad campaigns should be pointing to
Social Channel Access – Login credentials for the brand’s appropriate social channel

The Tool

For now, we’re just using AirTable to keep this organized and make updating it much easier. If the embedded table below isn’t working for some reason, you can access it directly here.