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Engaging Through Education

Create buy-in through
effective marketing

Educators often find themselves in a difficult position when setting out to market themselves. There’s so much those in the education industry take for granted about what the general public knows and understands about their organizations. Making it easy for your story to be told and understood will result in greater buy-in and support from the community, and ultimately will make it easier for your organization to meet goals.

    • Gain community support
    • Create buy-in
    • Increase enrollment/donations
    • Recruit top talent

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Take your audience for granted
  • Make it easy to understand your story
  • Share transparent and interesting stories


  • Talk above the heads of your audience
  • Include too many facts or figures without explaining the value
  • Share stories that have no value to your audience

Good marketing doesn’t need to be a secret.

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