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Storytelling for Start-ups

Start by telling
your story

Your start-up is cool and all but, if no one has heard of you, it doesn’t matter. What good is curing cancer if you tell no one? Wilderness Agency can help you check the boxes to kick your marketing plan into action and start driving revenue.

    • Define your branding
    • Establish a consistent voice
    • Script your conversations in a way that captures your passion and authenticity
    • Get the most out of your marketing investment by choosing profit centers

Do’s and Dont’s


  • Tell a consistent story
  • Define your voice and use it
  • Create a strong and disruptive brand


  • Focus on being able to do everything
  • Keep your successes to yourself
  • Copy your competitors and expect to stand out

Good marketing doesn’t need to be a secret.

Find the guides, tools and resources you need to give a plan to your purpose.
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