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Apex Commercial Group


Apex Commercial Group



Real Estate



Branding, Website, Brochures, Presentation Design, Traditional Advertising

Brand development, brand guides, website, business cards, pamphlets, brochures, presentation materials, interior design


The downtown core of Dayton, OH, is evolving to adapt to the needs of 21st-century culture. With that change brought the opportunity for the best and brightest real estate professionals in the region to start a company ready to help with this growth. The Apex Commercial Group is dedicated to seeing the region grow and thrive with these new opportunities.


The team was real estate experts, from office spaces, retail, and manufacturing locations. Where they needed help was creating a brand and a look unique in the real estate market—one allowing them to stand out from the competition.

Wilderness Agency’s team provided the expertise, from researching the competition to designing the brand standards, to help Apex create a mark and a voice that would separate them from other competitors.


During the research phase, Wilderness Agency did a thorough exploration of the local and regional brands that would compete with them in their field. Apex wanted a bold, modern feel to their marketing. This direction was another way they planned on separating themselves from the rest of the pack.

From the generation of their name to the final touches of their presentation deck, every step was a collaborative effort. Wilderness Agency and Apex worked closely to ensure that they explored every aspect of their branding. Once they established the name and logo, Wilderness Agency began to build a brand standard manual that would show future designers how to utilize their brand, and what to avoid.


A new business needs everything when they begin, from a website that encourages users to explore the site to business cards and pamphlets they can leave with potential clients. The vast experience Wilderness brought to the table created all of this collateral for them, making sure that every possible digital and physical opportunity to engage with their clients was covered. This experience included an innovative new website for seeing Apex’s real estate holdings.


Working with a company building from the ground up is exciting. Apex Commercial Group has been doing well in the area, their visibility improved by taking the time to create a look that stands out in a crowd and a website whose functions help people find the real estate they need.

“Launching a new brand to market is always an exciting undertaking, but this project was a major initiative in merging top talent from the region to create the ‘A-Team’ for the Dayton area. ”

+ Richard Kaiser