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Grand Lake Spouting

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Grand Lake Spouting



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Grand Lake Spouting faced a challenge when it came to finding success in its location. While they were able to reach many businesses in its 60 minute radius for all of Mercer county Ohio, there was an opportunity for it to reach even further to customers online. Wilderness Agency took this as an occasion to show how well it can offer insights and ideas on how to grow.


One obstacle in their way was a long term agreement they were locked into with another company. Not being able to update their Search Engine Optimization would hinder their ability to reach a wider audience. As their contract came to an end, Wilderness Agency steered them into a finding new potential customers and utilizing the power of SEO and Google Adwords.

GLS Website

Those ads and updated SEO would direct them to an updated website Wilderness Agency developed. The new site would feature new photos and better descriptions of their products.  Wilderness Agency would make iterative improvements to the site to increase more conversions and to better the user experience. Brand recognition would be enhanced in the new site and potential customers would have an insight on the company’s values and testimonials from satisfied customers.


With a clear understanding of what customers were looking for, Grand Lake Spouting now had the necessary tools it needed to allow traffic   Wilderness Agency presented a strategy revolving on inbound marketing and strengthening relationships in the commercial sector with other developers for Grand Lakes Spouting.  By leveraging SEO, Grand Lake Spouting could now start growing in the right direction.

Grand Lake Spouting