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Airport Parking Services



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Park-N-Go, near the Dayton International Airport, is a valuable resource for travelers. Offering an easy, affordable parking solution to people heading out of town, this service has been helping travelers get to their flights on time for years.


As with any valued service, Park-N-Go was able to expand its business. A new, premium area was added, that allowed a designated location for premium services like car washes, oil changes, detailing, and auto repairs. There was a valet service to and from the airport.


Bringing this new offering to people heading to the airport was the challenge presented to Wilderness Agency. They needed to make sure that people knew about the new services before they made it to the lot, as well as how to navigate the new space.

Announcing these new benefits, as well as the expanded lots, were the first priority. With Google Maps being the tool that many drivers use to map their route, business information was updated to ensure people would be led to the right place. Strategically placed billboards in the Dayton region announced the new lots advantages and encouraged them to upgrade. Advertisements were designed in house and placed in magazines like the Dayton Business Journal and on the web where business travelers would see them. Coupons were also created to be handed out or delivered to get information into the hands of possible customers that could use their service.


Once those customers arrived, they would need clear instructions on how to get to the right lot. Wayfinding, both internal and external, was designed with the customer in mind, getting them to their parking space and on their way to the airport as quickly as possible. Everything, including the website, was designed to make traveling to the airport a convenient and stress-free experience


By managing the flow of information and the flow of people, Park-N-Go added value to their customer’s experience. Wilderness helped them manage those flows through targeted messaging and anticipating the needs of a traveler.

“Traveling for business is always a pain, but I appreciate all of the thought that Park-N-Go puts into their services. Being able to leave your car, shuttling to check-in, and getting routine maintenance + cleaning done while you’re gone makes you feel WAY better when you get home. I always enjoy marketing for organizations that are providing services that genuinely help people.”

+ Richard Kaiser