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Creating an environment for intellectual and emotional growth is of paramount importance for any school. With a curriculum that is vastly different from that of a traditional school, The Miami Valley School offers a unique approach to education by providing increased opportunities each year for students to achieve success.


Wilderness Agency went straight to the source and spoke to the students in the Upper School about what their experiences have been like. With lights, cameras, and a library setting, interviews were conducted with students to reveal their day-to-day school activities. Emphasizing the non-traditional schedule and the open discussions that lead to greater insight into the world around them, the students remarked on what sort of opportunities they are presented with.


Conversations with the international students presented a fresh take on the stark differences these students have seen between their original schools and The Miami Valley School. Not only do they get to excel in subjects they are proficient in already, they are able to learn new skills and opportunities that are not offered to them. In this setting, students can achieve more and spark creativity in other areas.


These videos can welcome parents that are looking to get the most out of their children’s education. Furthermore, the videos can play a role in the world of social media, reaching a broad audience and continuing to promote The Miami Valley School’s fresh take on education.

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