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The Miami Valley School wanted to share the stories of Upper School students and leverage those testimonials to drive enrollment. Videos focused on capturing individual perceptions and personal testimonies of how students felt better prepared.  With an emphasis on community and open dialogue between students and teachers, students can learn in an environment that celebrates diversity and encourages them to realize their own potential.


Wilderness began by filming the morning routine for the students and built off of the conversations with the students. A group of selected Upper School students were asked several questions about what opportunities they had and what major differences they saw between MVS and the public school system. Wilderness used those differences to tell the story of how these students were able to become conscious global citizens with a better understanding of what difference they can make.

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To better appeal to international students, Wilderness Agency helped The Miami Valley School capture the stories and experiences of current international students, thereby showing its achievements with the international program through the lens of those who live it.


By initiating conversation with two students in the program, Wilderness Agency helped to capture and relay those differences in education from their original source to the approach Miami Valley School uses. Showcasing the challenges these students faced when they started and using their testimony as an insight to their growth would help parents understand what sets Miami Valley apart from traditional school settings.

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