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WYSO, a listener-supported public radio station, wanted to broaden their audience through a new listener campaign. To reach that new audience meant expanding into different forms of media and branching out into the world of social media. It was important to show that their audience represented a broad range of the community.


The process of putting all of this together started with our questions to the members and listeners. It was important for people who didn’t know about WYSO or public radio to be informed by their peers. To be able to see these first-hand accounts from people would help the new listeners attach to a real life person rather than a disembodied voice. These videos will be able to reach more people through social media and give them an easily digestible piece of information that they can share with their friends and family.


From high school age students to young professionals, to retirees with an interest in telling their story Wilderness Agency captured an interesting mix of people from different backgrounds and share what they love about their radio station and their community.

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Video Builds Trust

The use of video within an organization’s marketing mix provides the ability to deliver their story in an aesthetically appealing and easy to understand media. Animation videos capture ideas or products that cannot be photographed or captured in a single frame or to demonstrate concepts or prototypes that have yet to be developed.

It provides the ability to show a visual summary of the most complex products or services conveyed in a medium that creates feeling and emotion in a method that is dynamic and quickly grabs the attention of the viewer.

Video with high-value content work across websites and can be easily shared over multiple channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and emerging social media channels.

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