I tend to be a perfectionist. It’s a problem that we can all struggle with and it’s something I have seen when working with clients at Wilderness Agency. Perfectionism is a problem that makes sense. Our perfectionism shows how much we care. However, perfectionism can also be an issue that wreaks havoc on your ideas and projects.

For example, developing a new website can be a difficult process. Any kind of change is hard, but updating your website can be daunting. At Wilderness Agency we work with our clients to create an online presence that represents your business and brand. In today’s world, your online presence is often the face of your business. We see website development as a two-phase process.

Phase One: In this phase we work with our clients to include 9 Key Elements.

  1. An easy-to-understand value proposition
  2. A clear call to action
  3. Visual displays of the success your client will experience if they use your product
  4. Products/Services broken down into bite-size categories
  5. A clear indication that you understand your customer’s journey/pain-points
  6. A clear way for your customers to contact you
  7. A purpose
  8. A consistent look and experience throughout your site
  9. Page featuring clients names and faces for your customer

Once your website includes these 9 elements and our team has worked through the details and function of each page, it is time to launch your updated, fresh website. This is where some clients forget about the second phase of our process. At the end of phase one it is time for your website to lift off.

Phase Two: Now that the details of your website are complete, we add relevant content to your website. This content includes: blogs, videos, and changing imagery to keep your site fresh.
It is a mistake to view a website as a finished project to be delivered and forgotten. Our team never sees a website as “complete” rather, a website should change and grow as your business changes and grows. Once your website is past phase one it is ready to be viewed and interacted with. In the next phase your website is updated, added to, and enhanced.

If you don’t launch your site, you miss out on attracting and engaging new visitors. A great website with changing content will attract new visitors and cause others to come back and visit your site again. Alternatively, a poor online presence will drive visitors away. If your website doesn’t provide value, your online presence is like a rocket that never lifts off. It fails to achieve its purpose.

When you develop your website, it’s important to launch. Our team will sweat the details so that your business can continue to thrive.