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Video + Photography

Capture and Share Your Story

If a picture is worth a thousand words…


Then videos are worth WAY more than that! Using unique photography and video is so much more engaging than boring old stock footage. Our team is here to help show off your company culture, services, and company overview videos and even to take team headshots when you need them.

Culture and Recruitment

Show off your companies culture, and attract high-quality talent


A great company culture is critical to attracting top-tier employees. We’ve found that strategic, culture-focused videos, paired with a solid digital campaign are a huge asset when used in recruitment efforts. We’ve been able to help several companies hire the employees they need by helping to make sure the right people want to work with you.

Educational Video

Video can keep learners focused


Understanding that digital learning is here to stay, and it’s important to understand how to keep a user engaged. We’ve worked on large-scale education projects and know how to make sure that educational videos communicated effectively and are built to make sure that anyone viewing the content learns and retains the information provided.

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Animated Videos

Simplify complex ideas


Show off complex technology or data in a way that your customer can understand easily. Using animated videos in content marketing is also a great way to increase engagement. We can work with you to understand the messaging you want to convey, storyboard the piece, and create a memorable piece of content for your business!

Company Overview Videos

The quickest way to tell your story


Company overview videos are the best way to effectively tell potential clients how you can help them! Using video on the homepage of your website, on a landing page, or on your social profiles helps to drive conversions and communicate your message.

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From websites and business cards to digital marketing campaigns and even interior design, our professional team is here to make sure that we provide measurable results to your creative problems!

Digital Marketing
Branding + Design
Web Design + Development
Video + Photo
Traditional Advertising

Our Strategic Process

Establish Project Parameters


The initial meeting is an opportunity for project stakeholders to come together with our team to identify needs, goals, budget, and schedule for the project. At the project kickoff, you will meet your project manager as a single point of contact to ensure your project is kept on time and on budget.

Knowledge & Asset Sharing


Taking the knowledge gained from the kickoff, our team goes into full research mode by analyzing your competition and engaging with internal and external stakeholders, as well as end-users. Our team engages through one-on-one interviews, group round-table discussion, and/or surveys, dependent upon project scope.



The project team will compile feedback from our brainstorming and research efforts and set the ultimate vision for the project. We will deliver a strategy document that will include a mood board, design board, sitemap and wireframe to ensure all stakeholders are united with one vision.

Finalize Copy

Copy Creation

With a design framework in place, we begin the process of auditing and reworking existing content, and crafting new, strategic content specifically for the elements associated with your project. This could include SEO copy optimized to rank your website higher in search results or strategically-framed messaging to drive home a killer campaign.

Implement Ideas


From there, our design team works to create designs and layouts that fulfill the strategic vision for the project, whether it is a website, video, tradeshow booth, direct mail campaign, landing page, special event plan, brochure, project proposal or interior design.

Effective Adoption


The build phase is the most involved; however, through careful planning upfront, our team is able to implement approved designs, provide internal testing, and end-user testing to ensure a solid product for launch.

Iterative Improvement

Measure, Enhance & Maintain

We don't believe in a set it and forget it approach. We work with all our clients to provide a debrief session to ensure all objectives outline in the earlier phases have been met. We will perform and deliver a project analysis to identify ways to measure and enhance your project or future projects. We will then work with your team to identify future phases.

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