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“Culture doesn’t eat strategy for breakfast. I do.

+Alex Salsman

Project Manager

Observe. Report. React.

Strategy isn’t a buzzword, it’s a way of life. I lay awake at night thinking not just about how the world could be better, but what tools it will take to make that happen. My path in life has been guided by thinking, “There must be a better way!” and then finding it.


I proudly admit to being the kid who loved word problems in math class and raising my hand first to run through the various scenarios that could contribute additional factors to solving them. If a train is running 55 mph toward Sacremento, I am happy to jump aboard. My inner math nerd could not be more pleased that I’ve landed here at Wilderness Agency working with companies to find solutions and think through all opportunities to optimize and leverage marketing to do more.


Technology is always evolving, and I get the opportunity in my role to use and abuse it to maximize internal resources and give companies a path forward.

Alex Salsman
Alex Salsman
Alex Salsman

Favorite Outdoor Adventure

I was a working at a summer camp one year. We decided to play capture-the-flag in the woods nearby. As we were placing our team’s flag, the 5-year-old kid next to me says “what’s this?” I looked over to see him thigh deep in a hive of ground bees. I scoop him up under one arm and sprint the fastest I’ve ever run towards the main lodge past a group having a water balloon fight in the field. “BEES! BEES! BEES!” I screamed. Turning to look back, there was a swarm following me that looked just like one from a cartoon when I saw one was aiming directly for my face. I ducked and got stung right on the top of my head. After everyone, the entire camp, was safely sheltered in the lodge, I, along with a dozen others had been stung several times each.


One year, I caused an entire summer camp to shut down to hide from an attacking swarm of bees.

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