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A typical workday for me starts off with a horseback ride through the desert at 6:30 AM, with a stop for breakfast on an overlook, and then a horseback ride to the corral. 

Ok, not really. But that was one of my mornings last week while my husband and I stayed on a ranch in Tucson, Arizona. Most days we got up early and hiked, had breakfast, and enjoyed the sun before it got too hot. Then I would grab my laptop, sit on the porch overlooking the desert, and begin working.

The advantages of working remotely are plentiful-we all need a change of scenery sometimes, and a change in our everyday routine.

With a laptop and WiFi, I can communicate with clients, keep in touch with our team, and attend meetings via Google Meet. Especially after being quarantined for a few months, we really needed to get out and travel a bit. It was different, and we had to wear masks while on the plane and in the airport, but getting fresh air in a new locale was definitely much needed. We worked during the day and had our evenings free to relax, go to the pool, and do things around the ranch. 

I recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to work remotely, to get out of the house and travel somewhere-even if you can’t go far, or don’t want to fly, just going somewhere different where you can get a change of scenery will be very beneficial. Stay in a hotel for one day and get room service, and visit the pool. Or rent a house for a few days in a different town-either of these things can make you feel refreshed and feel like you’ve had a break from your normal routine. 

Then, when you get back, whether it be to continue to work from home or go back into the office, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.