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Grow Your Audience With Social Media Management Software

By January 30, 2023February 22nd, 2023No Comments

To start off, Social media has caused rapid growth in online advertising, enabling brands to drive more traffic to their websites and increase sales. The ability to interact with larger audiences online has improved customer service and satisfaction. Social media platforms provide valuable consumer insights, reporting user’s engagement information and data from accounts that follow a brand’s page.  As a result, organizations can gain a better understanding of their online perception and overall reach.

The only drawback?  Online marketing can be quite time consuming.  Once a social strategy and a variety of content for a brand is created, the page still has to be maintained.  In order to remain effective, monitoring performance and engaging with customers online should be done routinely.

Wilderness Agency uses Hellowoofy to manage social media accounts and schedule content to be posted across multiple social media platforms.  Hellowoofy is a cloud-based software that integrates with a dozen platforms, including WordPress, Google Marketplace, Yellow Monkey Media, Canva, and DesignBold.  Making online advertising much more efficient, Hellowoofy has the ability to generate authentic content for brands.  This software can provide suggestions based on the content in previous posts and consumer responses to them.  Other features include brand tracking, a voice assist option, and the ability to schedule and auto-publish posts.  Multi-user functionality increases efficiency in collaboration, which has benefited our team and numerous campaigns.

Also, Hellowoofy has a friendly software interface, allowing users to quickly interact.  The dashboard interface provides an overview of posting options, and additionally includes the number of current posts, drafts, and hashtag libraries.  Hellowoofy’s support team is available 24/7 online with a live chat representative, if technical issues ever arise.  For more information, please see tutorials below.


How to create posts:


Using the Scheduling Feature:


Writing Blogs and Newsletters:

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