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Wolves – Join The Pack

By June 12, 2017November 13th, 2021No Comments
join the pack of wolves for survival

You’re a wolf – independent, fierce, and ready to survive by whatever means. So why should you join the pack?

Dogs are loyal. They are dependable. The relationship is understood. They are fed regularly and don’t wander beyond the confines of the fence.

Wolves are independent in nature. They are self-reliant. They forgo regularity for freedom. They must hunt. Their survival depends on it. There will be days of feast and many days of famine.

This is the dichotomy that exists between the safety of employment and the unknown waiting in the wilderness of entrepreneurship. It is a terrifying endeavor to go the road of working for yourself, but those who choose the path of the wolf don’t choose it for the struggle.

The truth, as far as I can see, is that there comes a point for many when staying in a subservient role is as uncomfortable as the idea of a wolf as a house pet.  

Join The Pack

While wolves are often romanticized as lone animals, this is simply not accurate. When wolves, they almost always hunt as a pack. Together, they take down the moose. Together, they fight. Together, they feast. If they don’t join the pack, they will likely not survive

Wolves travel together when they join the pack: the first 3 are the old or sick, they set the pace for the entire pack so they aren’t left behind or lose contact with the rest of the pack.  Then come 5 strong ones, the front line. In the center are the rest of the pack members, then the 5 strongest following. Last is alone, the alpha. He controls everything from the rear. In that position, he can oversee everything and decide the direction. He sees all of the pack. 

This too in business is the key to survival. Going at it alone in the wilderness is a lonely idea.

The key to survival is to join the pack. Securing alliances and partnerships with those who have mutually-vested interests in one another’s success is paramount. 

This model has been proven time and time again in nature and business. The strength of your pack can make all the difference in whether you experience feast or famine as a wolf in the wilderness.

Richard Kaiser

Some of my fondest memories from my formative years were from Boy Scout camps sitting on rough, wooden logs that encircled a crackling fire sharing stories with the other boys. I believe in my heart that it is a human need to be told stories. We crave stories much in the same way we crave love. The work we do at Wilderness Agency is based upon this primal need. We bring together some of the best creative talent from around the world to tell our client’s stories, to share their passion with the world.