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A DBJ Article: Dayton-area consulting company expands with new office

By December 13, 2016November 13th, 2021No Comments
dbj photo of wilderness agency team

Written by DBJ, Kaitlin Schroeder  –  Staff Reporter

A Dayton-area company that helps “scale up” businesses grow is now taking steps to scale itself up, signing a lease for an office in Fairborn.

Kaiser said the company signed a lease in November for a 2,400-square-foot office at 2555 University Blvd., the company’s first dedicated office space.

Wilderness has 16 employees between staff and contractors.  Kaiser said staff is currently still moving into the space, with signage expected to be installed by the end of the month and an open house slated for January.

Prior to leasing its first office, employees had worked remotely or in the field. While many of the employees will continue to work in the field, Kaiser said having the main office was a key next step in helping the company grow.

“It’s been huge having a home base,” he said.

The company has a range of services from consulting, advising on building up financing, branding and streamlining processes. Kaiser said they also go beyond consulting with services like having a team member serve as an interim CEO.

Tangible Solutions is among clients that the company has worked with to help scale up. The 3-D printing company recently told the DBJ that it signed a 25,000-square-foot lease in Fairborn, where it plans to grow and invest in increased production capacity.

Richard Kaiser

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