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The Boys & Girls Club of Dayton’s mission is “to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as caring, productive, responsible, citizens.” To execute that mission in a much-needed area like Dayton, an organization needs tools, programs, and funds.

The CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Dayton had an issue with the pool at their facility. It was no longer functioning and left a lot of kids without the opportunity to learn how to swim. Having after-school activities are important for inner-city youth, especially when it offers the opportunity to teach valuable water safety lessons.

The B&G Club has been actively pursuing avenues to raise funds for much-needed repairs throughout the building. Wilderness Agency saw the chance to increase the visibility of the B&G Club of Dayton. Wilderness worked to build a new website that would make it easier for the community to donate to their many causes. Beyond financial contributions, there are also opportunities for volunteers and wish-lists that the community could respond to.

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Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club of Dayton focuses on programs to help youth achieve academic success, practice civic and social engagement, and live healthy lifestyles. Club programs utilize a youth development strategy that infuses a sense of belonging, competence, usefulness, and influence into each young person. With the website put in place, the Boys & Girls Club of Dayton could spend less time asking for donations and start focusing on the needs of their members.

Wilderness designed their new site with key stakeholders in mind: current and potential donors, members, and volunteers. They simplified their main navigation into five main pages and enabled a visible search function for ease of access. Design and copy reflected that of the national B&G Club organization to ensure brand awareness. As an already-trusted voice within the community, their new website provided a platform and portal to better deliver their services.

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