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A complicated sales portal wasn’t doing any favors for the sales staff at Seepex, which depended on the portal to access key information and collateral as well as dashboard information and reporting.

A clunky user path and complicated access to information made the process unmanageable and unattractive to the teams that needed to use it.

Wilderness Agency worked with Seepex to untangle the information and visually enhance and modernize the portal, creating a clean, clear pathway to information and a pleasant user experience through the process.

By redefining the organization to match users’ behavior, Seepex, and the Wilderness Agency team were able to create a visual hierarchy with clear calls to action and easy access. Better looking reports meant staff could easily decipher the information, interpret data, and leverage it to accomplish goals.

By streamlining the portal and maximizing the efficiency of the process, the Wilderness Agency team was able to turn it into a functioning tool for the sales team, enhance efficiencies and leverage the portal to grow revenue and meet sales goals.

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