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Attracting and retaining great employees is a challenge every industry is facing.

From manufacturing companies to healthcare providers and everyone in between, all industries are struggling in today’s climate to fill open positions within their companies.

As your list of competitors grows, the best employees have more job opportunities to choose from. For companies looking to hire, this means that finding qualified candidates is more difficult than ever.

In today’s candidate-driven job market, it’s not recruiters that choose candidates anymore. It’s the candidates who get to pick. To gain their trust and inspire them to choose you over your competitors, you need to ensure that your marketing and recruitment efforts work together.

Your recruiting efforts shouldn’t just be effective, we believe that prospective employees should be knocking down the door to work for your company.

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Highlight Your Company’s Culture

After creating a video to highlight Advantic’s company culture, we developed a three-month campaign to hire specialized employees. Every open position was filled in less than a month.

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Set Yourself Apart

At Wilderness Agency we have been able to identify recruitment marketing tactics that work well in multiple industries. Most commonly, we recommend creating an employment funnel that helps ensure the right people are seeing open positions and applying to work at your company.

In recruiting, there are a few tools that can set you apart from your competitors:

  • Video to highlight company culture
  • User-friendly job portals for potential employees
  • Effective advertisements to qualified candidates
  • A built-out LinkedIn with a Life page

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Marketing for Recruitment

Think of the hiring process the same way you think of your company’s sales process. Your team uses sales strategies to capture leads and secure deals. Your recruiting efforts should be strategic and guide candidates towards your open positions.

By adapting elements of a sales funnel to your recruiting process, you can capture “candidate leads” just like your sales team cultivates and converts sales.

We have worked with companies to enhance their websites, job portals, and LinkedIn pages to highlight what makes their company special with content that attracts prospective employees. We’ve also worked with many companies to identify opportunities to implement referral programs and to get the word out among their team members.

We are always looking to partner with companies who embody our mission to help businesses grow and get people back to work, and we want to help you find the perfect people to join your company.

Grow Your Team

Here’s How We’ve Helped



We updated SciTec’s website to help them hire quickly and efficiently.

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Capital Health Care Network

Our team created a video for Capital Health Care Network to highlight their culture and recruit potential healthcare providers.

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APS Materials

A modernized look, and a culture video helped APS to grow their team.

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