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Finding and retaining great employees is a challenge facing every industry. Many employers need to hire more employees, but can’t seem to find the right people for the open positions.

Your recruiting efforts shouldn’t just be effective, we believe that prospective employees should be knocking down the door to work for your company.

Most of the time, recruiting efforts fall flat because the words you say don’t match with what prospects see. When companies claim to be innovative and forward-thinking but use an outdated website and an archaic job portal, the wrong message is sent.

If your company’s culture is special, but you don’t talk about it on your website or LinkedIn profile, no one will know about it.

When the application and hiring process is difficult and inefficient, potential employees are turned away.

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Highlight Your Company’s Culture

After creating a video to highlight Advantic’s company culture, we developed a three month campaign to hire specialized employees. Every open position was filled in less than a month.

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Set Yourself Apart

In recruiting, there are a few tools that can set you apart from your competitors:

  • Video to highlight company culture
  • User-friendly job portals for potential employees
  • Effective advertisements to qualified candidates
  • A built-out LinkedIn with a Life page

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Digital Marketing for Recruitment

We have worked with companies to enhance their websites, job portals, and LinkedIn pages to highlight what makes their company special with content that attracts prospective employees.

Our team has found that tools like LinkedIn’s Life page are a great way to advertise culture, leadership, and your team. As a full-service marketing agency, we are also able to utilize targeted advertising on LinkedIn to attract employees working for your competitors. By using modern marketing techniques, we are able to help you find and retain the employees you need.

We are always looking to partner with companies who embody our mission to help businesses grow and get people back to work, and we want to help you find the perfect people to work for your company.

Grow Your Team


We updated SciTec’s website to help them hire quickly and efficiently.

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Capital Health Care Network

Our team created a video for Capital Health Care Network to highlight their culture and recruit potential healthcare providers.

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