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Guiding Principals 

Ensuring strong partnerships. 

Work toward a single vision.

Foster open & proactive communication.

Collaboration means that we are in this together.

Stay agile, because change is inevitable.

Creative Culture

Multidisciplinary Approach.  Multiplied Results.

We consider ourselves visual craftsmen & love what we do. 

We believe in leveraging creativity to solve complicated problems.

Our approach is agile & scalable. 

Our team has diversified experience across B2B, B2C, and Government.

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17 Front St, Dayton, OH 45402

Honoring Hereos

Veteran Owned

Veteran Owned Small Business

U.S. SBA Certified


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Veteran-Owned Small Business

Wilderness Agency is a veteran-owned small business, co-founded by Navy veteran, John Theobald, who proudly served our country in the armed forces and local government. We understand the sacrifices and challenges that veterans face and are committed to supporting servicemen and women in any way we can. We are honored to hire and work alongside veterans and strive to create a supportive and inclusive work environment for all who have served. Additionally, we are dedicated to giving back to the veteran community through various initiatives and partnerships. At Wilderness Agency, we are proud to support our veterans and their families.

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