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SciTec is a defense contractor for the US Government. Their vision is to, “Grow talent, protect the planet and implement protections for a better tomorrow.”  This is no small feat.

Like many organizations around the country, while the work that they are doing is of the utmost importance, they were still struggling to attract top talent onto their team.

They have a local presence in Dayton, Ohio but are based in Princeton, New Jersey. SciTec reached out to dozen of marketing agencies from across the country before choosing Wilderness Agency with revamping their brand.

We were tasked with crafting a modern, fresh logo redesign that fit their company’s need to appeal to those just getting into the workforce and subsequently build that out into a brand that would help to attract the best of the best.

SciTec Logo

We started the rebranding for SciTec by creating a modern, fresh, logo that would appeal to younger engineers that would be of value to the organization.

“Modernizing the logo, helping them with the color palette, they entrusted us to do our jobs as the designers and brand stewards. They put a lot of faith in us for this project.”

+ Josh Moody

Once the logo was approved, we moved to optimize their digital footprint by enhancing their website design and creating a portal for career opportunities on the site. As we started to create the design, we dialed in their brand standards. The focus was on a recruitment friendly website.

“The open positions are tied into their 3rd party recruitment system. When they add jobs it automatically populates on the site and job posting websites across the internet.”

+ Joshua Alexander

We identified having original photography as a critical element to have on the site. It’s bright and kind of in your face. The goal was to ensure a potential employee would have the reaction we were looking for, i.e. “This place looks cool to work for.”

In a world where we make snap decisions, this is critical to get right. For most companies their audience is going to make a judgment call in under two seconds of either: “Looks like a ‘real’ company” OR “This looks like they’re going to steal my money”. Two seconds. It happens that fast.

By working with the SciTec team this builds upon our story: we work with teams from east coast to west coast; defense contractors in Princeton, New Jersey to Santa Fe Winwater in California. Most importantly, it means that we are living our mission to grow companies and put people back to work.

“I’m incredibly humbled to work with organizations like SciTec and see this as a win-win for everyone involved.”

+ Richard Kaiser

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