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“I feel like when I solve one problem, two others arise.”

Student enrollment has continued to decline, following a trend many organizations within education have experienced. Educators must now juggle this issue, as well as student retention, hiring educators, increasing alumni engagement, reaching new donors, and maintaining current relationships.

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“Education and business have similar challenges.

It’s like a game of whack-a-mole: you solve one problem, and two more pop up. Education and business need to attract new customers, keep current customers, and hire to keep the machine running. Administrators are juggling between recruiting new students, retaining current students, and hiring educators to meet demand while also experiencing an increase in competition. This is happening in public and private schools. Like healthcare, there has been a dramatic increase in competition with no end in sight: competition will continue to increase, government funding will change, and the number of students seeking degrees is going to plateau.

+Richard Kaiser

Innovation in Education

Over the last ten years, education has been transformed by an increase in demand for digital learning methods. This means user-friendly websites, engaging videos, and social media have become vital tools for educators looking to interact with their students.

By updating their methods of communication and how they present information, educators can attract students, decision-makers, alumni, and prospective employees. As decision-makers look for information online, a user-friendly website can be the difference between a potential student’s mother saying yes to her student attending your school, or moving on to a competitor.

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“You have to give them the tools they want to use. Younger parents don’t want to call, but if you give them an option for a chat you should see improvement in the recruitment process in a short amount of time.”

+ Josh Moody

Marketing for Educators

Wilderness Agency uses advanced marketing techniques to help educational organizations from pre-k to universities interact with their audience digitally. We work with educators to rebrand, create brochures, update websites, and establish their online presence.

Websites that attract prospective parents

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Extend Your Reach

What would happen if you were able to increase student enrollment, increase donations received, interact with alumni, and hire more educators?

We help administrators pursue their dreams.

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“Education is what took me from being in the lower class to being able to achieve my version of the American dream. I have a vested interest in seeing educators achieve their goal of educating the next generation the right way.”

+Richard Kaiser

Recruiting Educators

Finding qualified employees in education is a challenge. Wilderness Agency uses marketing strategies to find prospective employees through hyper-targeted advertising. To learn more about how we can help you recruit educators, check out our recruitment tactics.

As education moves into the digital environment, attract your audience by utilizing modern marketing techniques.

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