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Ohio has always been known as a hub for aerospace and aviation innovation, and the Ohio Aerospace Institute continues to drive that fire for collaboration and expansion.

Ohio Aerospace Institute is a joint initiative of the NASA Glenn Research Center, the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the State of Ohio, ten Ohio public and private universities granting doctoral degrees in aerospace-related engineering disciplines, and numerous companies engaged in aerospace activities.

Wilderness Agency joined forces with the Ohio Aerospace Institute. They helped clarify their mission, purpose, and ultimately reposition them as the thought leader for aerospace competitiveness.

An emphasis was placed on research and technology development, workforce preparedness, and engagement. These three objectives were kept in the top of our minds when implementing a modernized logo and creating a compelling, conversion-driven website.

Simplifying A Complex Organization

With an all-encompassing non-profit organization such as OAI, it was essential to streamline the navigation. OAI wanted to clearly outline every offering available to Ohio businesses looking to succeed in the aerospace sector. To successfully instill top-of-mind awareness of Ohio Aerospace Institute as the highest regarded entry point for aerospace competitiveness:

  1. Facilitate user-friendly website experience and streamlined navigation.
  2. Impart users with a clear understanding of Ohio Aerospace Institute’s messaging and differentiators.
  3. Ability for users to submit forms and proposals online.

OAI’s new navigation system helped compile over a hundred web pages into 13 pages with a wealth of accessible information. Website traffic increased considerably with over 10% of visitors completing an action via the “Contact” or “Join” page.

OAI’s support system has proven highly beneficial during the challenges of 2020. With over 18,000 pageviews since February 2020, the site has provided much-needed resources for networking, expert consults, and new partnerships.

Building Bridges

Developing the right brand positioning, messaging, voice + tone, and design requires an understanding of the audiences you want to connect with. Rather than focusing on honing the competitive edge of their members and partners, OAI’s messaging focused on passion and approachability to instill a greater sense of industry-wide collaboration.

“OAI plays an important role in the development of the region that we at Wilderness are so passionate about. It was an honor to participate in the advancement of an organization that brings tremendous resources stimulating industry & job growth.”

+ Richard Kaiser

Art Direction

OAI helps facilitate some incredibly technical projects. To help modernize the visual aesthetic, Wilderness Agency went to work to create a logo badge that highlights the two operating campuses. 1 near Cleveland and the other here in Dayton, Ohio. With the badge created, our team went to work crafting the rest of the visual aesthetic for the brand. Clean and modern typographic treatments supported the “techy” look and feel for the rest of the site. Our overall goal was to create a modern environment that felt both professional and approachable to help OAI gain more visibility as a thought leader. As well as help drive more young engineers to become members.

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