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The healthcare industry is impacted by complex systems, rigorous regulations and compliance, consumer behavior, evolving techniques and best practices, legal requirements, overworked employees, and an increase in demand.

Over the last two decades, there has been a dramatic increase in competition in the healthcare industry. Manufacturers of medical equipment and healthcare providers now need to find new ways to engage with prospects, patients, and potential employees.

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Manufacturing Medical Equipment

Manufacturers of medical equipment and medical devices face an extremely challenging, hyper-competitive market. This market requires sophisticated marketing tactics that target the right audiences.

Deploying strategies like targeted advertisements, using Linkedin, and remarketing your website are more important than ever. Adding new technology to traditional marketing methods, like using direct mail to send video brochures, can increase visibility.

It is not a coincidence that leading companies focus the bulk of their effort on content creation to hold real estate on page one.

For example, think of Google search results as real estate. At the top of the search result, you will find Google ads, the featured snippet, a possible map listing, then the organic search results, and the “knowledge panel.”

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, the adage of, “differentiate or die,” is the reality. Those companies that can quickly articulate their value proposition will be poised for rapid growth over the coming years.

The goal is to own as much real estate on page one as possible. Owning page one is a game of, “King of the Mountain.” The more competitive the marketing, the more challenging it is to show up on page one.

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Doctors and Hospital Networks

The number of doctor’s offices and hospital networks has grown exponentially. Reaching new patients and recruiting employees is a challenge facing the entire industry. As providers juggle patient needs and care, administrators must juggle scheduling, finances, and a constantly changing landscape.

To find new patients it is important to know your audience and how to effectively reach them. When people have a need, they go to Google. Having a partner that understands what people are searching for is vital.

Wilderness Agency has the tools and experience to come alongside healthcare providers to connect with patients and increase visibility.

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Recruiting Healthcare Heroes

Due to Coronavirus, there is more stress to attract and retain nurses and other essential healthcare staff. The problem of needing more nurses has become even more challenging.

Even though COVID-19 has added stress, healthcare workers have been overworked and overwhelmed for years. To address the recruiting needs of clients in the healthcare industry, Wilderness Agency has worked on recruitment campaigns targeting stressed employees in the industry, highlighting a better, “quality of life,” at our client’s healthcare facility for essential employees.

Wilderness Agency has utilized initiatives through modern marketing techniques to hyper-target messaging to reach care providers within competitor’s organizations. Learn more about how we use marketing to recruit

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