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Advantic Building Group has a bold mission and isn’t shy about it. Advantic wants to ‘organize people and technology to disrupt how the world builds.’

For nearly a decade, Advantic has been working with advanced materials — fiber-reinforced polymers and polymer concrete – to make a wide range of support infrastructure for construction and industry, from pipe racks and access towers to stairways and catwalks. The company worked on the subway system in New York City and mines in Australia.

Advantic’s advanced materials are light and strong, don’t corrode, and can be cut and drilled with hand tools. Entire support structures can be prefabricated at the plant and assembled at the jobsite. The building industry hasn’t seen innovation like this since Andrew Carnegie’s steel was first used in a Chicago skyscraper.

And the company’s innovations go beyond new-age materials. From design to fabrication to assembly, Advantic offers turnkey delivery that reduces lead times, cuts costs, and eliminates construction hurdles.

Advantic is an exciting company that was growing quickly and needed a strategic overhaul of its communications, marketing, and branding.

That’s where the Wilderness Agency got involved.

Wilderness – no stranger to innovation itself – set out to design marketing materials that captured the spirit and culture of Advantic Building Group.

The mission was two-fold:

  • Develop a brand strategy to reach new audiences, drive engagement and increase awareness.
  • Create clear paths for both customers and talented recruits.

Design + Copy That Reflects Innovation

Wilderness Agency created a dynamic website that highlights Advantic’s revolutionary approach and the people behind it. It took a “less is more” approach with copy but expanded offerings to include case studies and news for people looking to dig deeper.

Wilderness used large sans serif condensed typography and line work that emerges from blueprint styling. The web pages incorporate animation that shows how Advantic’s products work and that brings the website to life. The colors are gold and black with punches of orange and navy, and white to let the design breathe.

To complete the branding, the new design elements were incorporated throughout all marketing media.

An Emphasis on Recruitment

Advantic Building Group has grown rapidly, and attracting top talent is essential. With a culture that resonates like Advantic’s, Wilderness simply had to make sure the message was reaching the right people:  professional engineers and designers, craftspeople, construction project managers, and support personnel.

The agency took the key principles of relationship building and went digital:

  1. LinkedIn. An optimized and engaging LinkedIn page is an important part of recruiting. The key to LinkedIn is not just the number of connections or followers, but the quality of the interaction between the company and those followers. Positive interaction builds relationships.
  2. Video Marketing. It’s simple. Video is essential in recruitment. According to Wordstream, video generates an amazing 1,200 percent more shares than text and images combined. Video also drives a 157 percent increase in organic traffic from search engine results.

Working with Wilderness Agency, Advantic is using video to simplify complex concepts, recruit high-quality candidates and showcase its unique culture.

In the building industry, Advantic proves every day that the right material can make a big difference. Marketing is no different. Advantic wants to revolutionize construction. The Wilderness Agency is giving them the tools to do it.

It’s not often that you get to help introduce a product or service from a client who is genuinely determined to disrupt an entire industry.  It has been an amazing opportunity to work with this team.

+ Richard Kaiser

The energy is there. You can feel it when you step into the room with them. They are literally going to change the world.

+ John Theobald

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