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Traditional Tactics Aren’t Working

The average manufacturer is working below their ideal capacity. Generating new business in a digital environment is a challenge For years manufacturers have relied on cold calls, drop-in sales, and word-of-mouth to market their products and services. While these methods are still valuable, a multifaceted approach to sales is the most effective way to generate new business. In many industries, the buyer isn’t the same as in the past. They are younger. They aren’t as likely to answer or return phone calls; often they don’t want to respond to emails. They grew up in an on-demand world.

The buyer expects to quickly get answers from your website. If today’s buyers can’t find the information they need, they aren’t likely to call or email…they move on… to your competitor. The best way to reach your targets has changed. In order to not only survive, but thrive, you need to evolve first.

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Modern Marketing for Manufacturing

Only 1% of manufacturing marketers assess their organization’s marketing maturity level as sophisticated.

Almost all sales are initiated online before an inquiry is even made. These efforts start at Google. If digital marketing isn’t part of your larger sales process, you are missing out on more than 90% of your prospective client base.

In order to capture new business and get ahead of the competition, manufacturers must employ advanced marketing tactics.

Are you leveraging your strengths while exploiting the weaknesses of your competitors to gain market share?

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Key Questions

  • What is my ideal target for capacity?
  • Who are my ideal prospects?
  • What methods am I using to reach decision-makers at these companies?
  • How do my efforts compare to competitors?
  • How am I measuring the success of my marketing efforts?

​“Buyers have moved online, but most manufacturers aren’t prepared to reach new customers digitally.”

+John Theobald

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We helped Advantic reach new audiences nationwide and enhance their recruiting efforts to attract top talent. To learn more, take a look at our case study about the project.

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Strategy Before Design

The modern sales funnel has adapted to integrate marketing and sales in each of its stages. Wilderness Agency looks at each of these stages to see where we can make iterative improvements. Whether that is upstream, the final close, or somewhere in between: we have the resources and expertise to take your processes to the next level. At Wilderness Agency, we’ve been honing this craft for years and our goal is to ensure that you are receiving the highest returns on your investment with us.

Wilderness Agency utilizes a number of different tools and strategies to measure performance. Today’s marketing consists of harnessing the power and potential of search engines, Google ads, social media, referrals, and direct person-to-person communication.

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