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One of the top law programs in the United States resides at the University of Dayton. The UD School of Law utilizes an innovative curriculum to educate the next generation of legal professionals. It is a program that rises to the challenge of staying current with the evolution of business and society changes.

Dayton, the birthplace of flight and home to Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB). The University of Dayton was approached by Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) to help them develop a program that educates scientists, researchers, and contracting officers on intellectual property (IP) protection. The Department of Defense sees this as a priority. Costing the US economy over $300 billion annually and posing a national security risk.

UD engaged with top industry professionals to develop the curriculum. They knew they needed to produce high-quality materials to inform the program’s potential students. They needed to have provocative materials throughout the course.

So, they reached out to Wilderness Agency, knowing our reputation for creating data visualizations and videos that resonate with audiences.

A Higher Level of Content

For the video series, Wilderness Agency scouted various locations in the Dayton region, utilizing the UD campus and historic venues. Throughout the filming and production process, they worked with subject matter experts from AFRL and the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI). They ensured that included in the videos contained the cleared verbiage, curriculum, and content.

“This project was one of the most challenging and proudest of my career. Our team worked against an impossible deadline, during the pandemic, and executed nearly flawlessly. From concepting to launch, our team worked hand-in-hand with UD’s team to create this course. We brought creative solutions to complicated problems, interviewing, and extracting best practices from researchers, scientists, and top brass. All in a unified effort to provide best practices to members of our armed forces that would curtail the loss of intellectual property to our adversaries, and better protect the warfighter.”

+ Richard Kaiser

Collaborating with UD, AFRL, and UDRI, Wilderness developed materials for the class, from presentation slides to the videos. Using SEO and UI/UX best practices, they created a landing page and advertising campaigns to market the course.

The assembled team provided an excellerated curriculum using their unique skills to help the government in ways they couldn’t foresee. They brought together the information provided into a cohesive program meeting the University of Dayton’s educational needs. As well as their practical needs of the United States Air Force.

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