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Kids Read Now is a literacy-focused nonprofit that is mission-driven to reverse the summer reading slide and put books in the hands of kids during their off months.

The nonprofit was dependent on a sales team to walk financially-strapped school districts through its mission and customized, impactful programs. Kids Read Now was without a clearly defined sales strategy in place or a CRM-style marketing engine to move additional leads further into the funnel. The nonprofit was struggling to expand its reach from a small regional base to a national level.

Wilderness Agency helped them identify a target market, set a sales strategy, and create a pathway and clear funnel to turn prospects into customers. By engaging the same team to create a multi-dimensional marketing engine and oversee the strategy behind the sales arm, they were now able to quickly start converting and recruit more school districts to the cause.

“Investing in early childhood literacy results in meaningful benefits for all in the community. This was a great motivation in giving Kids Read Now the tools they need to further their mission.”

+ Richard Kaiser

Promoting Kids Read Now to Fellow Educators

Kids Read Now redefined how it was training sales staff and shifted to a way that resonated with districts through sharing their common goals. The brand positioned itself as the solution to a clearly-defined problem and gave information to overcome obstacles and objections.

Through utilizing statistics and studies that educators will respond to, they could now effectively illustrate the difference their programs make.

Within four months, the nonprofit jumped from 4,000 to 12,000 enrolled school districts, and grew revenue from 250,000 to 1.2 million, with aggressive goals–and a clear and attainable plan–to rapidly grow nationwide in the next four years.


Implementing clear steps and conversion goals, Kids Read Now was able to shore up sales and provide key collateral to decision-makers to support every step of the sales process it defined.

“Great team; profound ideas; seamless execution. They consistently offer innovative strategy suggestions and deliver compelling marketing materials to help us meet our goals. Highly recommend.”

+ Alison Marczuk, Chief Operating Officer

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