Wright State University Alumni


Videography, Animation, Illustration

Wright State University Alumni Association needed a quick and concise media campaign to pivot to a new model of inclusive membership, bringing together active and inactive alumni.

Why would an alma mater want to stay connected with their alumni? An engaged alumni network allows the institution to benefit from the experience of their graduates, by offering their support to current students, to the university, and to one another. If alumni are properly informed and engaged, they can be the most loyal supporters and ambassadors, offering exceptional promotion across their networks.

After research with key stakeholders at the university and engaged alumni, we chose brand-specific messaging (i.e. Raiders and the pack) that resonated with their past students. Dynamic animations and a relatable voiceover attracted alumni who may have lost touch since graduation and helped further strengthen the growing network.

Wright State University – Year of the Woman

In addition to the Alumni Association campaign, Wilderness had the pleasure of designing the WSU Magazine cover for Spring 2019, themed the “Year of the Woman.” In honor of Wright State’s female president and a record number of females serving in Congress that year, WSU wanted to highlight their most accomplished female faculty, university leaders, students, alumnae, and friends.

In the words of WSU President Cheryl B. Schrader, Ph.D., “Each of these women has helped shine a spotlight on Wright State through their groundbreaking research, exemplary public service, and unwavering commitment to our students.”

The cover was a creative representation of the groundbreaking strides women have made in the 21st century. Wilderness Agency houses many proud WSU alumni and was honored to bring Wright State’s vision to life while propelling women’s rights forward.

“Creating the cover image for Wright State’s Spring Alumni Edition was an incredible opportunity and experience. This project was particularly special to me having been a WSU Alumna and being able to produce something for them using the skills I gained during my time there. It felt like my education had come full circle.”

+ Whitney Manfreda

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