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Since 1980, Rumford has been the Great Lakes Region distributor for Belzona polymeric repair compounds and industrial protective coatings. As Belzona’s only Midwest distributor, Rumford Industrial Group wanted to showcase the compound’s dexterity and the multiple uses for repairing engine blocks, shafts, keyways, chillers, and a multitude of industrial capabilities.

Countless local manufacturers rely on Rumford to repair, protect and improve machinery, equipment, buildings, and structures. They are a trusted business partner with a 35-year history, and they plan on remaining steadfast in the Midwest as a premier distributor.

Despite its high-level performance, they still faced a mountain of objections when attempting to convince customers. Giving customers a visual representation of complex processes and strict standards was very important for CEO Jim Rumford.

Exhibiting Rumford’s Manufacturing Processes

Wilderness Agency’s production team chose to feature Jim Rumford explaining the different services they offer as well as the process from initial evaluation to project completion. The shoot largely featured the warehouse of Rumford Industrial Group.

Ultimately, the project deployed smoothly due to the active collaboration with Rumford’s team. With the use of Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere, the team cut a complete series from a Company Overview to Tank Linings. For potential clients looking for a deeper understanding of their services, these videos provide the optimum snapshot.

The Ads Methodology

The Inbound Team relied on GoogleAds and paid social ads to drive traffic to custom landing pages to achieve three primary goals:

  • Improve brand recognition
  • Give a home to the videos
  • Drive sales through the website

Rumford Industrial Group – Content

Through a dynamic content strategy reliant on funnel-focused marketing and SEO, Wilderness Agency elevated the public’s brand awareness of Rumford and the benefits they present through Belzona. Rumford saw an increase in their site’s monthly traffic, including an increase in qualified contacts.

The videos will also live past the landing page to continue to attract, inform, and engage potential customers.

“From the initial meeting, we were convinced of Rumford Group’s intense drive to innovate within their industry and take risks – from their marketing tactics to their evolving business model.”

+ Josh Moody

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