Rumford Industrial Group

Industrial Machine Adhesives

UX Design, Web Design, Landing Page Design, Marketing Strategy, Google Adwords, Videography

Rumford Industrial Group was looking for a way to sell the product it distributes, Belzona, through online channels. Wilderness Agency laid out a strategic content strategy to bring in more customers by utilizing Google Adwords, videos, and landing pages to capture and convey how well Belzona works in multiple capacities.

Wilderness set up a video shoot at Rumford Industrial Group with CEO Jim Rumford. In the videos, he would describe in great detail how Belzona works for shafts, engine blocks, chillers, pumps, tank linings, and keyway repair. The potential customer would be able to see and hear from the CEO himself on how well it worked and why they should buy it.

The inbound strategy relied on using AdWords and paid social ads to drive traffic to landing pages that worked to improve brand recognition, give a home to the videos, and drive sales through the website.

Through a dynamic content strategy reliant on inbound marketing, search engine optimization, sales tactics, and videos, Wilderness Agency worked with Rumford to elevate their brand awareness and allow for potential customers to discover the benefits of Belzona. Rumford Industrial Group can now see more traffic being led to its website and increase its chances of making sales and ultimately saving them time and money by leveraging SEO and videos to lead more people to the site and drive sales.

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