Reynolds Machinery


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Reynolds Machinery’s brand was misaligned with its image and reputation in the industry.

Known as a distributor for innovative, top-of-the-line machinery, the company was projecting an outdated look and feel, and not concentrating enough on telling their own story in the marketplace.

Wilderness worked with Reynolds to redefine their brand image, refine their messaging and develop a content plan to get in front of prospects and current customers.

Through a new website, Reynolds was able to bring into the site a lot of the information that was only found through outbound links before, thereby increasing their search engine optimization and keeping users on the site longer.

The new brand identity was rolled throughout all printed materials, trade show displays and throughout the building–enhancing the Reynolds experience, and making the showroom a destination for clients.

The company played host to an open house to unveil the new branding, and as a result, sold several machines, strengthened relationships with existing clients, and gained new clients

With a strongly branded foundation and a defined story to tell, Reynolds Machinery is now in a more advantageous position to aggressively target prospects in the market for machinery, using inbound marketing, email automation, trade show presence, and empowering the sales team with the information they need to close sales effectively.

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