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Capital Health Care Network is a leading provider of healthcare for seniors in the state of Ohio and West Virginia. They maintain a highly skilled and compassionate staff of over 1,500+, and highly pride themselves in using the newest technology and innovative equipment to give seniors top quality healthcare in a variety of settings to meet their individual needs.

In a crowded marketplace, Capital Healthcare struggled to differentiate itself from other in-home health companies working overtime to recruit new employees.

From the management team to the individuals they serve, Capital Health focuses on providing an inviting environment. The organization has grown rapidly to serve 12 geographical areas within its regional footprint, relying on an ever-growing staff. Without a funnel of dependable employees, Capital stood to lose the market share it was rapidly gaining.

Capital Healthcare came to Wilderness with a desire to provide potential employees with an inside look. Recruitment videos are gaining popularity with job-seekers, and Capital saw the opportunity to communicate in a different way.

Video Storytelling Translates to Recruitment – Capital Health Care Network

Wilderness Agency leveraged intimate video interviews with the team to capture authentic stories from Capital employees, some of whom have grown with the organization for more than 16 years. Videos were short, simple and to the point, driving prospects to want to join the Capital Health family.

Wilderness helped Capital identify its key values and attributes as an exemplary employer to help attract more employees. Through research and strategy guided by Wilderness, Capital was able to leverage the data to create video testimonials that spoke directly to the audience and developed an informed strategy to accelerate the recruitment engine.

“As healthcare recruitment becomes more crucial as demographics change, there are unique opportunities that a healthcare provider should take to bolster recruitment efforts. Capital Healthcare was not daunted by the challenge ahead and took the necessary steps to showcase their value as an employer.”

+ Richard Kaiser

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