Fluid Applied Roofing


Branding, Logo Design, UX Design, Web Design, Tradeshow Design, Sales Collateral Design

Fluid Applied Roofing was experiencing success as a manufacturer selling products direct to construction companies, but the company saw the potential to build something bigger by taking its products direct to the consumer market.

Wilderness Agency worked with Fluid to draw at the value of the brand and build a look and tone that made leveraging their messaging an easy win. Through brand development, Wilderness helped Fluid to streamline its product mix into a process that made it easy to understand and communicate to customers.

This system was reinforced by a color-coding system that helped identify product categories for their premium line. To communicate the premium quality of the product we helped secure a relationship with a bucket manufacturer which included a handle on the bottom of the bucket to make pouring easier and reducing slips/spills.

Since launching their new brand Fluid Applied Roofing is gaining national attention and traction in their marketplace.

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