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Creating an environment for intellectual and emotional growth is of paramount importance for any school. The Miami Valley School wanted to share the stories of Upper School students and leverage those testimonials to drive enrollment. With a curriculum that is vastly different from that of a traditional school, The Miami Valley School offers a unique approach to education by providing increased opportunities each year for students to achieve success.

Wilderness Agency went straight to the source and spoke to the students in the Upper School about what their experiences have been like. With lights, cameras, and a library setting, interviews were conducted with students to reveal their day-to-day school activities.

Video storytelling was the key strategy to making connections with Miami Valley’s target audiences. Video storytelling guides viewers through relatable narrative-based content that gets to the heart of their pain points, igniting an emotional connection.

With an emphasis on community and open dialogue between students and teachers, students can learn in an environment that celebrates diversity and encourages them to realize their own potential.

Through video and key website updates, Miami Valley School wanted to focus on capturing individual perceptions and personal testimonies of how students felt better prepared.

The Creative Process

The Wilderness Agency team’s attention was directed to re-building the current site: new CTA’s, SEO-appropriate copy, improved photos and videos, and UX development updates.

Telling Through Showing –

Miami Valley School

Wilderness Agency began by filming the students’ daily routine and asking them about their academic and social experiences at Miami Valley. A group of selected Upper School students were asked several questions about what opportunities they had and what major differences they saw between MVS and the public school system. Wilderness Agency used those differences to tell the story of how these students were able to become conscious global citizens with a better understanding of what difference they can make.

Additionally, conversations with the international students presented a fresh take on the stark differences these students have seen between their original schools and The Miami Valley School. Not only do they get to excel in subjects they are proficient in already, they are able to learn new skills and opportunities that are not often offered to them, sparking creativity in other areas.

These videos help attract parents who are looking to get the most out of their children’s education. Furthermore, the videos can play a key role in the school’s social media, reaching a broader audience and continuing to promote The Miami Valley School’s fresh take on education.

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“Using inspiring visuals and the students’ perspectives to promote a new take on education just made sense with a program like Miami Valley’s. We hope this gives prospective parents a sense of reassurance that Miami Valley School is the right choice for their family.”

+ Josh Moody

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