Dayton Regional Green Initiative


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The Dayton Regional Green Initiative was looking for a strong campaign to inform, engage and inspire people to change behavior and make better choices. The campaign focused on persuading people to reuse or bring their own containers to avoid wasteful actions and unnecessary waste.

Utilizing the self-empowered movement that many people have adopted, Be Your Own Change was created. The idea was to put the responsibility in the hands of the consumer through messaging the impact their choices have on the world around them. The messaging needed to be clear, compelling and offer a logical “next step” avenue for people to continue their engagement.

A campaign like this requires deliverables that, while being creative, approachable, and relatable, also give engaged audiences an additional avenue to connect through. The campaign developed the overarching goal:

Dayton Regional Green Initiative needs to drive a movement that results in a change of behavior, therefore lessening environmental impact.

Clarify The Message

Dayton Regional Green Initiative

Dayton Regional Green Initiative needed the campaign materials to be clear about its intentions and goals, so the audience wasn’t left asking “What does that mean?” There should be a logical call to action that drives a change in behavior. Through research and creative strategy, Wilderness Agency was able to take this philosophy and create a recognizable message, permeating the local landscape, and initiating progress with an ecologically- & economically-conscious demographic.

With a copious amount of data and research around “going green,” Wilderness Agency could construct an insightful landing page to inform the general public and local businesses. Through this approach, the message can reach more people and begin to influence decisions.

The landing page has garnered much positive attention since the campaign launch in 2018. Over 68,000 visitors have explored the page with 120,000+ engaged sessions.

The campaign is creative, agile, and innovative. Through social media, Wilderness Agency created another avenue to inspire others to make a difference with minor disruptions. From posts on how to make a change in your daily habits to documenting how those changes benefit those around them, a larger audience can be influenced.

Wilderness Agency also created the branding for T-shirts, stickers, reusable water bottles, and tote bags, so the campaign can leverage engaged audiences as additional endorsements. This also encourages people to begin their journey toward making better decisions that can affect their environment.

“Nature and the outdoors provided the escape and ability to find clarity during stressful times. I am passionate about preserving our land for future generations and am grateful to help support change through BYO.”

+ Richard Kaiser

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