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The Miami Valley Council Boy Scouts of America, first established in 1918, has a proud heritage of camping and outdoor activities for young men and women in the Miami Valley. The Miami Valley Council has grown so that it now encompasses the five-county region of Montgomery, Darke, Preble, Miami, and Shelby Counties, and serves over 4,200 youth, 150 units, two camps, The Harry F. Schiewetz Leadership Training Center and Council Service Center located in Dayton.

The Council holds a special place in the lives of countless Miami Valley families, and Wilderness Agency is honored to provide a visual refresh of their organization, under the larger umbrella of the Scouts. With local families having a growing number of recreational and leadership opportunities, the Council needed to provide a simplified value proposition for their place in the community.

Wilderness Agency worked closely with various members of the Council to better understand their wide-ranging programs, the organization’s challenges, and the surrounding areas’ needs. A complete website redesign was quickly underway to develop a consistent look and tone while improving the site’s hierarchy. During the development process, Wilderness improved recruitment efforts through a landing page bolstered by ongoing text and video ad campaigns.

Communicating Adventure + Leadership

Miami Valley Council Boy Scouts

The Council and Wilderness understood the key goal: Recruit more families and grow the local Scouting nation.

To achieve such a goal in a world now dominated by technology, we utilized that tech for our own purposes. Once we launched a strategically-designed website, landing pages were also developed hand-in-hand with targeted digital ad campaigns.

Scouting has opportunities for everyone: youth, young adults, adults, and beyond. Communicating this was crucial via ad targeting and ad copy. Compelling video clips and eye-catching graphics partnered with the ad copy to direct quality leads to the landing pages.

“At age 17, I became an Eagle Scout, and 17 years later…I understand the lasting impact of this organization during my formative years. It is because of this organization and the many mentors throughout my life that I have become the leader that I am today.”

+ Richard Kaiser

The ad campaign saw over 150,000 impressions in the span of one month with a low average CPC of $1.30. Since the launch of the new site and the ad campaign, new and returning user traffic has remained consistent at 1,500 sessions per month, greatly improving the Council’s communication channels with their growing community.

By helping to recruit and strengthen the ranks of local Scouts, Wilderness Agency believes that this will help our youth and communities become selfless, moral, and helpful, embodying the values in the Scout Law.

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