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“Start with the inspiration. Finish
by becoming it.


+Josh Moody
Art Director

Art is everywhere.

The entire world is made up of color and lines. My job is my passion, because I get to play with manipulating them in thoughtful ways.


Every day, we create art, but the fun of marketing is that our artwork creates jobs. It puts people back to work. It gets people elected, and increases donations for nonprofits. I get to create artwork that impacts my neighborhood, my region, my state and my country.


There’s no better feeling than being able to use your powers for good, and at Wilderness Agency I get the chance to achieve that. There are nights I fall asleep at my computer and wake up with a pencil in my hand, because I know that companies depend on the work we do here, and I get the opportunity to live my dream by helping them live theirs.

Josh Moody
Richard Kaiser
Wilderness Team

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