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Job Description

Project Manager

At Wilderness Agency, our core philosophy is to grow organizations and put people back to work. We believe the metric for living a good life is to do good in the world. We seek professionals who use good judgment in all situations.

At Wilderness Agency, we particularly value these nine behaviors and skills


make wise decisions despite ambiguity and think strategically


listen well, seek understanding and treat people with respect


think volume, importance, quality of work and results


learn rapidly and eagerly


create new ideas that prove useful, minimize complexity and simplify


say what you think, make tough decisions and take smart risks


inspire others, care, celebrate wins and be tenacious


be direct, have integrity and admit your mistakes


be ego-less when searching for the best idea, help your team, share information openly and proactively

Wilderness Agency seeks a Project Manager with a minimum of three-years direct experience. We are a web design and full-service marketing agency. Proven experience, knowledge and results are required.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in Project Management or Technology is preferred. Professional Project Management Certification is desired.

Project Manager Responsibilities

    • Lead multiple projects daily
    • Communicate effectively and often with our clients
    • Build and manage multi-disciplinary teams (strategy, design, dev)
    • Assign project deliverables to qualified team members
    • Hold team members accountable to project scope
    • Treat project deliverables, timelines and budgets seriously
    • Manage resources wisely with a profit-focused mindset
    • Plan project milestones in advance and use good judgement on when to shift
    • Avoid surprises and initiate change orders when necessary
    • Review project deliverables for accuracy, quality, impact and desired results
    • Manage intellectual property and client’s materials and rights responsibly
    • Work efficiently with our sales team and our administrative support team to ensure smooth operations across our organization
    • Communicate proficiently via phone, email, Vogsy, Slack and all things Google Suite

This position is based out of Dayton, OH with flexible work culture benefits however daily availability during client-facing hours 8 AM – 5 PM EST is required. This position is full-time w/salary compensation and benefits.

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