Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) of Montgomery County

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For over fifty years, the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) of Montgomery County have been helping a region that struggles with addiction, and most recently working to provide support during the opioid epidemic that has been ravaging the midwest for the past several years. They plan treatment services, secure appropriate funding, and monitor the results of the services that are offered in Montgomery County, OH.

ADAMHS came to Wilderness Agency with a primary objective to elevate their design and messaging efforts across print and digital. With projects like designing and producing their annual report to implementing full-scale digital marketing campaigns, ADAMHS continues to partner with Wilderness Agency for many creative needs.

Digital Detox 101

ADAMHS periodically chooses a specific addiction to raise public awareness on, and most recently, with the rise of technology in every aspect of life, digital addiction has become a primary focus. Through collaborative discussion, the project aimed to complete three ultimate goals:

  1. To encourage discussion between parents and children surrounding technology addiction
  2. To transform the mindset, the lack of awareness, and the misinformation surrounding technology addiction and its consequences.
  3. Ultimately, to create a proactive world where young people choose avenues for growth and passions beyond addictive technology.

We went into full-research mode to understand the demographics and psychographics of our audiences; the short- and long-term effects of addiction; and possible solutions for technology addiction. Finding best practices and case studies of similar successful campaigns was essential to narrowing down the strategy.

The Wilderness Agency team designed a cohesive digital marketing campaign including a colorful and informative landing page, GoogleAds, social media ads, and printed flyers. Driven by fact-based copy and eye-catching statistics, all components were designed with children and parents in mind.

“I have a personal connection to the work we have created with the ADAMHS team. As someone who struggled for years with addiction, and has seen first hand the destruction from the opioid epidemic in our community, the work of helping folks transition out of that lifestyle is absolutely critical to healing our communities.”

+ Richard Kaiser

Showing Direct Impact (ADAMHS)

While approaching their fiftieth-anniversary celebration, ADAMHS wanted to highlight what they have been able to accomplish in their efforts to support our community via a special edition annual report. They were looking to create a unique, eye-catching report that engaged the people reading it, no matter who it was.

Delivering the message of their successes in treating addiction builds more trust from the community, and that trust is critical in continuing the work combatting issues in the region. ADAMHS provided copy and images from events, apps, and other related materials from active programs.

We presented the material to be visually unique and engaging to the reader while telling ADAMHS’ story. The report created was a large-format piece that stood out from other past and similar reports. This also allowed our teams to enhance the images, presence, and text throughout the piece, while making it easier to read and more impactful for the reader.

“It was incredibly rewarding to work with the ADAMHS team to showcase their impact on our community. In the last several years, most of us have seen family, friends, and loved ones affected by addiction, and being able to provide support to a local organization that does so much to help those in need of support was truly an honor.”

+Josh Moody

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