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The Best Marketing Blogs for 2022

By March 29, 2022February 22nd, 2023No Comments
marketing blogs for 2022

Best Marketing Blogs of 2022

Professional digital marketers are constantly learning because the industry changes quicker than we can usually keep up. So how do we keep up with news, trends, and strategies? Bloggers.

Bloggers keep up with the latest Google algorithm updates or the newest Instagram feature. So which bloggers are hot right now, and what do they have to share on subjects like social media, SEO, plug-ins, and ad strategies – just to name a few?

Check out 12 of the best marketing blogs for 2022 for advice, inspiration, or a unique problem-solving perspective!

All-Round Marketing

Seth Godin

A popular entrepreneur, Seth Godin has made a living as an author of more than 20 books, including Purple Cow. His blog focuses on building your tribe as a business owner to gain respect from customers and improving your business with smart marketing practices. Start here if you’re a student or recent graduate for some of the best information on social media and business marketing.

Neil Patel 

Another well-known entrepreneur and online influencer is Neil Patel, who runs in the same circles as Godin. He offers online and digital marketing advice, including a free SEO analyzer tool that is quite useful. Ubersuggest is another product by Patel that serves the digital marketing community. Patel also offers consulting and site audit services for business owners. On his blog, he shares his knowledge of digital marketing and provides valuable resources for you to use in your own business.

Jenna Kutcher 

Jenna Kutcher is a blogger from the Midwest-based in small-town Minnesota. She runs a business school blog where she provides free downloads for entrepreneurs and small business owners. You can read about Jenna’s favorite things and find recommendations for businesses and consumers to help you with product selection. This blogger is one of the only personal bloggers featured here, whereas most of the other blogs are run by businesses or agencies. That small-town feel comes through in her content.

Monday Marketing

If you’re ready to choose a tool to help you manage your online marketing, you need marketing management software. The Monday Marketing blog includes the latest tools and processes to improve your digital marketing management. Monday is a software company, but their blog provides lots of free productivity tools, tips and resources for marketers, even If they don’t use the software.

SEO Blogsthe best marketing blogs of 2022

Google Search

Get marketing and SEO information straight from the source with the Google Search blog. Find out the latest news directly from Google regarding online marketing and digital search tools. Some of the news topics currently on the feed discuss photo image control for teens in search and how to use continuous scrolling on mobile devices using Google Search.

Search Engine Watch

Started in 1996, Search Engine Watch has been serving the online marketing community with the latest search engine marketing news. Research the most applicable tools and software for your business and marketing needs. Find out how to make these services work in your favor while boosting search engine optimization (SEO) value.


Content marketing and inbound marketing along with search engine optimization and link building are the focus of the Moz blog. Labeled as “SEO software for smarter marketing,” Moz has free tools you can use for your business right now. The site also hosts agencies and has in-house products for SERP tracking and marketing campaigns.


Learn about SEO in 2021 and train with “SEO That Works” with Backlinko, a blog that offers support and insight into content marketing and actionable SEO. Keyword research is the primary focus here, which is key to eCommerce marketing and SEO. In the blog, you can also learn how to use Google Keyword Planner or sign up for the company newsletter.

Content Marketing Blogs


As you work on your business blogs and articles, you’ll sometimes need outside help. Enter Copyblogger, a website where content writers go to learn about content marketing tools. Thanks to the free training on their blog, anyone can learn tips on content writing—even if you don’t consider yourself a professional writer. But if you read enough of this blog, you’ll feel a little bit more like one!


At HubSpot, you’ll find lots of how-tos, tips, and tricks on becoming a content marketing guru. This is a platform that has been training professional content marketers for more than a decade. Gain access to a free cloud-based CRM platform and inbound marketing tools. Customer service and blog information is available to help guide you through the processes as you learn in real-time how to conduct inbound marketing for your business.


Another blog/platform you may benefit from is Contently. Here your goal is to showcase your digital content, including whatever is in your product catalog or creative portfolio. Use Contently to organize media for storytelling purposes. The site also promotes freelancers who are professional writers through the use of public portfolios. You can publish your work as a college graduate here to showcase it for clients as a sample.

Content Marketing Institute

At the Content Marketing Institute, you’ll gain up-to-date information regarding content marketing for B2B readers. Discover which companies and services are most successful right now and learn about the latest Google Analytics insight. Everything that is anything regarding content marketing is presented in the CMI blog.