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Inside Look – Luisa

By January 14, 2022No Comments
luisa wilderness agency

Get to know our newest intern Luisa. Visiting from Madrid, Spain as a visiting student at Wright State University, we are thrilled to have her on board, even for a short amount of time!

Luisa’s Thoughts On…


Why are people from the advertising and marketing world joining social causes?

What better way to reach more people and spread social causes than advertising and marketing. We are the link that connects the world, and we have to take advantage of that reach. 

Despite people thinking that marketing and advertising are meant to trick people, I believe their main objective is to contribute to human and social development. Marketing is kind of like a study on human behavior.

What do you do for fun and what would you be doing if it wasn’t advertising? 

I love so many things like swimming, basketball, and shopping. I think if I wasn’t in advertising, I would be a fashion designer, but I am so so bad at drawing, so bye, bye fashion design!

What advice would you give to anyone trying to make it in the marketing world?

I think that you have to observe and learn; you have to be continuously alert and proactive. Every day can bring new changes; every day new things appear…new techniques, new methods. You have to be ready to change at the same speed as the marketing world.

What is your hidden talent and how did you discover it?

I am going to ask my mother, and then I come back 😉

She said that I am special, like every mum when describing his or her kid… She said that we still don’t know my hidden talent, and, if I got one I would have participated in Got Talent!

It’s Thursday, you’ve got to be at a project in Marrakech, Morocco on Monday. Your flight and hotel are booked; your visa is ready. What are the top five things you do before you leave?

  1. Research the weather and prepare the outfits.
  2. If I have a contact there, talk with him or her in order to organize everything.
  3. Study where I am going like finding top best things to do in that place!
  4. Have a relaxing weekend…
  5. After having gone out on Thursday 

What motivates you and what doesn’t?

I think the most important thing that motivates anyone in their workplace is the ambiance. The atmosphere and mood in his or her space of work will, for sure, influence their work. 

If you met with a client and that person had his or her arms attached backward, how would you greet him or her?

With a huge smile.

What is the worst question to ask, or answer, in an interview?

Your salary expectations without any doubt. I am new to the workforce, so when they asked me that question, my brain went blank.

How did people ever get anything done without the existence of websites and Google?

It’s amazing, and I declare myself a fan of people who had to do that, my hat’s off to you. They really used those books that are now with dust in the libraries…it seems that we are talking about pre-history. 

How does the internet work? 

Okay give me a second, I will search for it…


What’s your favorite story about your family or your pet?

Every day with my family, there’s a new story to tell. With all the stories I will have, Netflix could make a TV show that would last longer than Game of Thrones.

I think one of the funniest was when my mum was in a U-V ray booth and the Amazon delivery boy was waiting for my mum at our door, so my mum got dressed really fast, she put her sunglasses on, and started running through the most crowded square of Toledo, greeting to people at the same time. When she arrived home, she started talking with the Amazon delivery boy about his day and staff and my mom noticed that he was looking at her in a weird way but, she ignored it, and when she came into my house and looked herself at the mirror, she saw that she didn’t take off the hat they give you in the U-V ray booth. 

Imagine my mom walking in the street with high heels and greeting everybody like this:

What was the last gift you gave someone?

For Christmas, I gave my father a book on graphic web design, he studied advertising and public relations like me, and now, he has a software and infrastructure company. He is a real passionate about web design, so he really liked the book. One day I  plan on stealing it from him to read it.

What did you play with as a child?

When I was a child, my favorite game was playing life. It was a game I played with my sister and my friends where we would live a fake real life, so, each one had a house, kids, jobs- like a restaurant or the bank or the school… And we played with fake money. I really liked that game because I imagined myself being an adult, the dream of every little child.

Who is your role model, and why?

I can’t choose one, I would pick qualities from different people. With my mum, it’s the example of complete empathy, and with my dad, it’s the example of loving your job. I admire both of their passions.


Where do you find peace?

Taking a bath with candles listening to music. That is my peace. PERIOD.

Would you rather walk backward for the rest of your life, or stub your toe with every step you took? Explain your choice.

There are shoes with iron toe protectors, right?

How would you live your life if you had a week to live?

Exactly the same as I do now. Every day, I make the most of what I have and enjoy it!

How would you live your life if you were going to live forever?

Well, it’s the same as the previous question…but maybe it would be riskier with extreme sports!!!

Do you believe in Bigfoot?

I also believe in the Loch Ness Monster, so why not?

If there was a movie produced about your life, what would it be called? Who would play you, and why?

Things happen for a reason, that is the theme of my life and my philosophy. I think I would be the main character, but there would be a lot of co-stars too.

If you could only eat one kind of food for the rest of your life what would you choose? Why?

SPANISH FOOD OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you try it you will know why.

What’s something that grosses you out that other people would find weird?


You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be and why?

Hi, I’m the new crayon!

I’m fresh, full of life, and ready for new adventures.


Out of all the internet fads out there (TikTok Dances, Youtubers, Facebook avatars, etc), which did you hate the most?

I am not a hater, I think that they exist for a reason, because nowadays people are demanding them, they want this type of content. And of course, I will choose TikTok, I am a big fan of TikTok Dances but just to laugh at myself.

Would you rather know without a doubt the purpose and direction of your life or never have to worry about money for the rest of your life?

Right now, I’m building my own path, I am making my own decisions and living my life as I want. And yes, maybe I have made a few bad decisions but those decisions are also building the person I am today. As I said in another answer, “Things happen for a reason,” so if I am deciding my path on my own now, why would I like to know my direction?

I want to get confused with directions, I don’t want a GPS. I want to walk and get lost to find myself again.

So, if you give me the chance of living my own life without money concerns…where do I sign?