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Join the FastLane Webinar: Give Your Recruiting Efforts A Boost

By January 1, 2022January 9th, 2022No Comments
marketing for manuacturers webinar

Co-hosted with the University of Dayton Research Institute’s FastLane: Learn how to solve your manufacturing workforce challenges with marketing strategies! Wilderness Agency Founder Richard Kaiser and Co-Founder & COO John Theobold look forward to discussing the post-pandemic strategies many employers need when re-thinking their recruitment plans. 

Learn more about FastLane.
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Brianna Manocchio

Brianna Manocchio

My goal is to make sure content matters and leaves its mark. My work is designed to surprise, inform, and be measurably effective. Wilderness and our team deliver these types of results, and I’m proud to stand with them and stand behind our mission: “To put people back to work.”