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For over three decades, Dayton Coating Technologies and Certified Tool & Grinding have been providing the fastest industry turnaround with reliable solutions and repeatable products. They provide specialized, vertically integrated services to a diverse clientele. Within industries like Tool & Die Casting, Beverage, and Aerospace Parts Manufacturing to Medical Parts Manufacturing.

Their long-held location in Dayton, OH houses an elite team of engineers and tooling experts. They focus on quality order completion for businesses nationwide, both large and small. With a comprehensive value proposition as a complete one-stop-shop, they had the tools and the reputation to succeed.

With changing technology and an ever-increasing difficulty in the sales process, Dayton Coating needed to unite their marketing, communications, and sales initiatives. Wilderness Agency developed three key goals for a complete website design:

  • Facilitate user-friendly website experience and streamlined navigation while combining DCT’s and CTG’s offerings.
  • Facilitate a visitor’s path to the goal of requesting a quote.
  • Impart users with a clear understanding of Dayton Coating’s offerings and differentiators within the industry.

Materials To Match Innovation

Wilderness Agency worked collaboratively with Dayton Coating Technologies. Working to identify their strengthened brand strategy to establish a clear path forward that cements the company’s role in the marketplace. Once the new website launched, Wilderness expanded with a strong content and paid strategy. This leveraged content and thought-leading design to bolster the impact of the new site.

Through stakeholder interviews, primary and secondary research, and branding workshops, Wilderness defined DCT’s key design attributes as high-tech and necessity. They infused their voice with tones of excellence, reliability, and transparency.

The previously one-page site emerged as an optimized mega-site. Including high-quality imagery, informative content, and an identifiable sales funnel. Additionally, location-focused Google Ads directed qualified leads to a beverage industry-specific landing page.

Since the site launch in December 2020, Dayton Coating has seen over 5,000 page views with an average of 3 pages per user session. This presents an increase of 500% in traffic, providing Dayton Coating and Certified Tool & Grind with access to a broader audience.

“Working with DCT has been an absolute pleasure. Being able to help them increase their market visibility and showcasing their story of re-building after the tornado has been a true honor.”

+ Josh Moody

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