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MatchMD™ is a secure messaging service designed with the healthcare delivery organization in mind. As a pioneer in the field of medical communications, this platform set out to revolutionize the way patients and their health team communicate with each other. The MatchMD team responds to evolving industry needs, requiring the ability to be highly agile and resourceful.

With constantly changing healthcare laws and regulations, MatchMD’s services needed to be compliant, efficient, and customizable. With a product as advanced as theirs, they lacked the complementary communication and marketing resources. Such as an optimized, brand-appropriate website.

They partnered with Wilderness Agency to develop an actionable site designed to achieve three specific objectives:

  1. Drive new traffic and drive returning traffic.
  2. Generate qualified leads.
  3. Develop a thought leadership presence.

MatchMD: Technology at the Forefront

With markets as competitive as the healthcare and technology industries, purposeful research and strategy played a significant role in the first stages of MatchMD’s site development. Notably, reviewing the psychographic and demographic profiles of key decision-makers such as physicians and hospital administrators.

With 80 years of combined healthcare experience in MatchMD’s leadership, both primary and secondary research gave great insight into the software’s target audience. Global competitor research also gave the Wilderness Agency team an edge in developing the site’s hierarchy and navigation.

MatchMD immediately underwent a complete rebranding process to better articulate their value as a communications company within the health sectors. Identifying their tone helps a visitor recognize MatchMD and its differentiators, and transforming their overall look helped MatchMD become an identifiable, professional brand.

The Wilderness Agency team chose three key attributes to center MatchMD’s new site around: Innovative, Intuitive, Simple. Every word, every design element took these traits into consideration, thereby creating a consistent flow and look throughout the site.

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