NuStream Filtration


Brand Refresh, Web Design, UX Design, Marketing Strategy

NuStream Filtration offers specialized solutions for all water treatment needs nationwide, both small- and large-scale. Offering years of experience in water filtration. Including experts that are passionate about their craft and understand how to simplify complex water processes for their clients.

Offering an extensive product range including reverse osmosis, side stream filtration, and electro deionizer, serving numerous industries. NuStream needed to modernize their communication, marketing, and sales tactics to stay competitive within the technological market.

Wilderness Agency collaboratively worked with NuStream to develop a reflective logo and an elevated web experience. Including improved information architecture, modern design elements, and effective CTAs.

First Impressions Matter

We were tasked with executing a logo refresh that fit their brand’s need to appeal to new and established companies in industries like horticulture. We subsequently built NuStream into a brand that thrives in the modern market.

“There’s a great sense of satisfaction when taking a lacking website and digital presence and re-energizing it to show just what a company is capable of. We were also thrilled to have a part in supporting and refreshing another local Dayton business.”

+ Josh Moody

NuStream: Strategy From The Ground Up

As with every Wilderness Agency endeavor, we put research and strategy first. First, understanding the water industry’s outlook, market trends, and competitive landscape proved key to guiding copy and design. Through competitive analysis, web design in the water industry showed a lack of innovation; messaging lacked inspiration, and navigation made visitors frustrated.

The design team set out to create a cohesive, modern vision, conveying an informative, sustainable, and technical company. A refreshing color palette was determined, and high-quality imagery and icons were used to visually engage visitors. Simple animations and a grid layout followed UX best practices to encourage further visitor interaction.

Since the website launch in October 2020, Wilderness Agency has generated an average 210 new users and 800 page views per month, which is an increase of over 3,000% from the original site. This increase directly translates into new business opportunities for NuStream Filtration with over 80 new visitors submitting a contact form in the first two months since launch.

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