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“A passionate and driven team can produce great work, results, and climb mountains; When they possess a lot of grit and grace, they can scale any summit.”

+ Lisa Barhorst

President, CEO

It’s All About People.

Throughout my leadership career, I have always served three primary groups of people as a focused, servant leader.  They are employees, clients, and the community.  After 25 years in the broadcasting industry and some time in the technology sector, I was motivated to join Wilderness Agency because of the incredible work they produce.  My executive background and experience in sales, marketing, media relations, and journalism was a natural fit for my role.

My mission is to ensure that every client that works with Wilderness Agency has a great experience.  Customer experience matters.  Employee experience matters.  How we help the community matters.

With a passion for Dayton and the surrounding region, I’ve held numerous community engagement roles, serving non-profit organizations on the local, state, and national levels.  Some of my prior board seats include the NBC Affiliate Board of Directors, the Ohio Association of Broadcasters Board of Directors, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, and the BBB board.  I currently serve on the board of directors of Brigid’s Path.

In the broadcast industry, the higher management level has been predominantly and historically composed of men.  Motivated by this, I regularly participate in women’s groups as a speaker and contributor to encourage young women to achieve their personal and professional goals.  Because of my active involvement in this space, I was honored by WiBN as one of the Top 25 Women to Watch in 2012 and was recognized by Dayton Business Journal as one of the 50 Dayton powerful businesswomen.

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